9b+ is a team of experienced engineers and passionate rock climbers. Our corporate name refers to an advanced climbing grade, a true challenge. Invoking the discipline needed for such climbs, we have created RAM®, combining our technical skill and rock climbing experience to reshape the world of climbing walls.

RAM® Climbing Walls

RAM® is the first world’s climbing wall capable of reshaping itself as it cycles through a full profile of climbing grades. RAM® was awarded the prize for innovation and creativity at the International Exposition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products of Geneva.

9b+ Engineering

We offer our knowledge, experience and best engineering tools CAD / CAE / CAM:

  • Solutions of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering.
  • We integrate the "RAM® concept" in any of your projects: stands, stages, walls and in any controlled motion surfaces.


R.A.M. climbing holds

RAM® Climbing Walls Design, Engineering and Rentals.
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9b+ Engineering

All Climbing Routes in One